Sisal Ball Interactive Cat Ball,Color Scratch Cat Toy,Ball Cat Rolling Ball

  •  Soft and Colorful: High-quality wool string surrounds a foam ball makes this lovely yarn ball for cats. This ball is soft-touching, colorful, and with a bell inside. It can bounce, scroll, ringing. I believe that kitten will love to play with it.
  •  Interesting Interactive toy: The elastic ball of yarn stimulates the cat’s hunting nature. You can play the ball and interact with your cat, which is very helpful to promote the relationship between you and your pet.
  • Built-in Bell: There is a small bell inside the ball of yarn, which can make a rustling sound that will attract cats to play. More exercise is good for cat’s health and teeth health.
  • Lightweight and Compact: If you take your cat to play outdoors, you can take this ball of yarn with you. It is only 5cm, very convenient to take it out for cats.



Material: sisal
Size: Diameter:5cm
Color: as the picture