Pet Toy Balls Dog Chew Toys for Cleaning Teeth and Removing Dental Calculus, Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Leaking Food Indestructible Ball with Training-Rope

  • 【Premium Bite-resistant Material】The dog suction cup is made of chewy TPR material and the rope material is the same as that of the body armor, which determines its stronger anti-bite performance, its high quality and longer service life, compared with other similar products on the Amazon. This toy can provide dogs with comfortable molar experience.
  • 【Cleaning Chew Toys】The dog chew ball has the functions of grinding and cleaning teeth with the design of 361-degree chewy function and bite-resistant TPR material on the toy ball, which can effectively clean the dog’s teeth, remove dental dirt, dental plaque and bad breath. Keeping dogs’ oral health is the wish of dog lovers. At the same time, it helps dog lovers save a lot of dental expenses.
  • 【Upgraded Suction Cup】The upgraded suction cup has greater suction power, not falling easily. It also makes dogs not pull it away easily. You can press the suction cup with your feet, not your hands in order to exert its strong power of adsorption. The suction cup is strongly attached to a flat surface, which will arouse dogs’ interest in biting it.
  • 【Multifunctional Interactive Dog Toy】The suction cup dog toy has a built-in bell that can attract dogs’ attention, preventing dogs from being boring and tedious, away from damaging the furniture. Dog owners can also put dog food into the ball, which can increase dogs’ interactive fun of playing games with owners. Long-term use can effectively improve the dogs’ IQ and agility. This is a kind of interactive dog toy.


Material: TPR
Size: (L)44* (D) 9.5 CM
Color: As the picture