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  • Space Capsule Pet Shaking Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Toys Tumbler Dog Food Container

    1.Slow feeder dog bowls: The tower-shaped inclined design reduces the speed of eating, corresponding to a slow feeder. To change the dog’s bad habit of eating fast, dog slow feeder bowl will increase feeding time and significantly reduce food intake to avoid indigestion, vomiting and flatulence, and develop healthy eating habits.
    2.Antiskid Function: The bottom and raised design can effectively prevent slipping, rollover and food overflow during eating. The round design can make the dog eat happily at any angle.
    3.Not alone: ​​If we are not at home, according to statistics, dogs can endure loneliness for about 7-12 hours. Too lonely makes it easy to get sick. Our funny dog ​​feeder will accompany your dog.

  • 2in1 Cat Multifunctional Food Basin Bowls Toy Tower Tracks Disc Ball Training Plate

    1.Load food, the cat will not get tired of playing, the cat uses its paws to take food in the cave, simulating the behavior of digging and preying
    2.Eat and play, cats can play for a whole day, an auxiliary tool to help cats’ intellectual growth
    3.There is a non-slip, silicone bottom cushion on the bottom to prevent the food bowl from sliding
    4.Small and fresh color matching, in line with the current aesthetics, which color is suitable for matching, pets like

  • Collapsible Pet Silicone Double Bowls

    ★CONVENIENT TO CRAAY : The silicone pet pot can be convenient to carry,durable and waterproof .
    Non-Slip collapsible dog bowl set great for pet travel bowl to your backpack, dog travel crate or collapse flat for your pocket, stroller,you can take the dog out for traveling,camping or hiking without fear of feeding.
    ★EASY TO CLEAN: The smooth mat and removable bowls are really easy to clean.

  • Dog Training Waist Bag Treat Snack Bait Dogs Obedience Agility Outdoor Feed Storage Pouch

    . Safe and Healthy: this product is made of the food grade memory silicone, it is non-toxic and harmless.
    2. Durable and High-quality: with corrosion resistance and elasticity, it has a long service life.
    3. Easy to Use: there is a magnet the semi-closed opening, which is easy to put in and take out, and it will close automatically after feeding.
    4. Lightweight and Portable: with a clip, you can carry it in hand and attach it to your belt, trousers or package for easy training or walking outside.
    5. Easy to clean: large opening, it can easily clean the inside of pet bag to keep clean and avoid germs.
    Package Include:

  • Collapsible Pet Silicone Dog Food Water Bowl

    High quality silicone material

    Environmentally friendly and harmless

    More color, easy to clean, high temperature resistance

    Not afraid of falling

    Four-layer folding design that can be used as a pet toy when folded, and as a pet bowl when opened

    Portable hooks for easy portability

  • Dog Lick Pad Pet Bathing Distraction Pads Wall Mouted Silicone Slow Feeder Lick Mat with Strong Suction for Dog Bathing Grooming

    1. Large dog licking pad: Diameter 18cm/7.08in. Made of food-grade silicone, free of BPA, the pad is very suitable for cats and medium-sized large dogs, especially for adult dogs who like to lick.
    2. Easy bathing for dogs: Just apply peanut butter to the dog licking mat and stick it on the wall of the bathroom while taking a bath. You can easily bathe the dog.
    3. Dog footprints design: Slow food design. There are 2 different raised edges on the surface of the dog licking pad, which can make the pet eat for a long time and keep the gastrointestinal health of the pet.
    4. Powerful suction cups: There are 42 powerful suction cups on the back, which can be perfectly attached to glass windows, refrigerator doors, bathtubs, counters or any smooth and clean surface.
    5. Easy to use and clean: The feeder can be used for pet nail trimming, brushing teeth, bathing and train

  • soft pet snuffle ball interactive toys Sniffing ball Nose Smell Training Sniffing Dog cat Puzzle Toy Slow Feeding Food Dispenser

    1. Smell ball main fabric for polar fleece, soft close skin, easy to clean environmental protection, support machine wash
    2. The smell and the ball is a traditional sniffing the updated version of mat, the dog is more difficult to get food. Therefore, the dog dog by sniffing the ball for the first time, to put food on the edge of the easy to find, when dogs already know hiding food in it, and you can put the food on the inside of the ball, a modest increase in dog feeding difficulty.
    3. Smell the ball is made from many folding round, with many deep Tibet now, the owner can hide food in between the fabric drape, encourage your pet to sniff out them
    4. Feeding difficulty strengthen, the dog dog according to smell looking for food source, ate and play ball
    5. Storage is simple, small size, the smaller spheres, food is more hidden, the greater the difficulty, is a great enrichment toys.

  • Leaking food tumbler dispensing squeaky insert dog cactus chew toy interactive dog chew toys


    1.The pet feeder can easily draw the attention of your cat or dog and attract them to play it

    2.Inside the pet feeder can storage the cat or dog food, which can better attract your pet

    3.Once your pet plays and rolls the pet feeder, the food inside is leaked through the small cute shape holes

    4.The roly-poly shape toy will give little food, which can avoid your pet eat too much food at the same time and thus avoid her/him choking and help digest

    5.The automatic leakage design can add more fun when your dog/cat is eating

    6.As a training educational toy, this food feeder can immediately reward your pet once they roll it in a right way

    7.Made of high quality plastic, this pet feeder is non toxic and safe to storage your kitten’s food