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  • Cooling Bowls, Happy Water Chilled Dog Bowl Design with ABS for 4-6 Hours

    Great for travel, just place this bowl in your ice cooler and use whenever you need. Simply freeze the inner bowl for 2 hours, then replace it with the base and fill with water or food. The humanized round and bowl design makes it safe for pets to eat without hurting their mouth. Bowl and…

  • Adjustable Pet Water Dispenser

    Adjustable Pet Water Dispenser

  • Building Block Double Pet Bowl

    Building Block Double Pet Bowl

  • Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl

    Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl

  • Pet Puzzle Toy

    Dog Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment

  • Interactive Food Dispensing Roll

    Interactive Food Dispensing Roll

  • Cat Cardboard House Cat Scratcher House with Castle design Cat Play House for Indoor DIY Corrugated Scratcher Box

    Cat Cardboard House Cat Scratcher House with Castle design Cat Play House for Indoor DIY Corrugated Scratcher Box

  • Dog Chew Toys for Puppy Teething Durable Toys for Cleaning Teeth Leaky Food Toy

    • Dental teeth Health :There are a lot of points of molar bumps on the dog toys, which are designed for cleaning teeth, massaging the dog’s gums, and effectively controlling tartar and plaque.
    • Safe Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy: 100% non-toxic natural rubber dog toy, very safe for dogs to chew on. The uneven surface design can better clean the dog’s teeth. This dog toothbrush chew toy can not only clean teeth but also massage gums and bring dog dental care. The puppy teething toys with great designs can relieve discomfort during teething for puppies.
    • Reduce Boredom: The toy can help chewing, cleaning teeth , relieve anxiety and boredom and can help them relieve itching during teething and eliminate to damage the furniture.
    • Great design: You can put the food into the toys as the food dispenser, which is attractive for dogs. Pets can feel the happiness and get the dental health when play with the toy.
  • Dog Squeaky Toys Chew Toys with Squeaky, Slow Feeder Dog Treat Dispenser Toys, Interactive Dog Toys, Dog Teething Toys for Pet

    • 【Funny Squeaky Toy】When your Pets bite the dog chew toys, it will make a squeak sound, it can attract the pet’s attention and play happily. A dog chew toy with a squeak is irresistible for any small, medium, or large dog.
    • 【Slow Feeder Toys for Pets】The dog chew toy with slow feeder function can help you control the amount and speed of your pet’s food, increase the amount of exercise your cat/dog , and reduce your pet’s bloating. The dog needs to find the right angle to pour out the food, so it’s also a puzzle toy.
    • 【Cute Design】The appearance of the snack dispensing dog toy is a cute animal with bright colors. Made of durable and safe material, the dog interactive toy has a soft and stretchy surface that is reliable for your dog.
    • 【Tooth Cleaning & Daily Recreation】When your dog plays and chews this toy, it helps to clean dog’s teeth, stimulate gums and reduce tartar. Dog chew toys can relieve boredom and anxiety when he is alone, it can also reduce pet bites sofas and shoes.
  • Measure Scoop Spoon For Pets Gram Spoon Of Pet Food,Flavoring Liquid In Accurate Weight LCD Display Measuring Scoop

    • Multifunctional digital spoon use button cell batteries CR2032(not included),made of high quality environmental ABS materials,high capacity about 250ml.
    • Measuring weight on flavoring, powder, pets food, like dog, bird, turtle, fish, load into pet food, weights shown on display in number , You can choose  different units .
    • Press left turn on the spoon or reset,right button to choose unit,hold still while measuring keep still wait for the data stop counting,press left last 3 seconds to turn off,the spoon will automatically turn off after 90 seconds standby.
    • Measuring grams at exact number 1 to 800 max, gets precise weights for pet
  • Dog Feeding Mat, Dog Snuffle Mat Dog Training Pad Pet Nose Work Blanket Non Slip Pet Activity Mat

    • Dog Training Mat—This dog snuffle Mat mimick the hunt for food in nature, helps to train your dog’s smell and brain,consume your dog’s energy and lose weight,encourages natural foraging skills.
    • Slow Feeding Mat—Bright color and flower design also stimulates pet’s foraging instinct and satisfies pet’s senses so that mealtime is more enjoyable.
    • Easy to Use Dog Toy:Easy to fill, you can hide snacks or small toys in the petals and grass to spark dog’s interest.
    • Durable Material —- All material are high quality and non-toxic, petals and grass are sewn on the mat with thick cotton thread. The polar fleece is soft and attractive for pets.The bottom of the mat has  non-slip design .
  • Dog Water Bottle for Walking,No Spill Multifunctional and Portable Dog Travel Water Dispenser with Food Container

    • 2 LAYER-WATER&FOOD DESIGN :The mutifunctional water bottle for dogs comes with two parts with food container, can hold the water and some food.Perfect for your pet’s need for water and food with bowl,especially  convient for outdoor activities.
    • LEAK-PROOF :The sealed silicone gasket inside the bottle and lock key design helps to ensure that there is no water leakage. No worry to get everywhere wet or waste water any more, no worry about getting your travel pack wet.
    • PORTABLE AND EASILY USE : Compact design  for dogs is best for your puppy or cat when walking, hiking, travelling or playing. You can put the bottle into backpack or hang on hand with sling rope.
    • ONE-HAND OPERATION:Single hand can use it easily, and just   twist the bottle to make the water out . Water that can’t be drunk out can be turned back into the cup.Very easy to use for feeding your pet