Adjustable Cat Cone Collar Soft


🐈【HELPFUL FOR UPPER BODY WOUNDS】 If your pets have upper body wounds, our collar for cats can perfectly prevent them from licking and scratching, helping wounds recover faster. But PLEASE NOTICE, it may be not much use for lower body wounds (like front and back paws). Please confirm the position of the wounds before placing the order 🙂
🐈【SOFT AND COMFORTABLE】 Compared with the normal plastic cones, cats show less resistance when wearing our cat cone collar soft. Because we use high-quality fiber and super soft fabric cats are able to feel velvety and comfy, and feel easier to adapt to.
🐈【NORMAL EATING & UNBLOCKED SIGHT】 The cat cone collar is lightweight and your kitty will not mind wearing it during daily life. The site won’t be blocked, cats can eat, drink and play freely, just feel everything the same as usual until your cat recovers.
🐈【AS AN ADORABLE PILLOW】 More than a cat recovery collar, it’s an adorable decoration for your lovely kitten. It also acts as a soft pillow when the cat lies down.
🐈【SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZE OF CATS】 Soft cone for cats has an adjustable inner, so you can make a comfortable fit for your cat. By adjusting the stretchy string, cat won’t slip out of it that easily. Available in two sizes.