Cat Grass Stick Cage Balls & Bell Ball,Cat Toys for Bored Indoor Cats,Safe Teeth Cleaning Cat Toothbrush,Cat Chew Toy for All Breeds


【100% Natural Cat Toy】Our catnip balls are 100% hand-woven, and made of natural silvervine stick,catnip. The cat nip toy is not only a safe, healthy cat toy, but also a funny cat chew toy for cats indoor.
【Dental Health Catnip Toys】This dental cat chew toys is highlly effective to support kitty dental health catnip toys for cats. This cat toys for bored cats can help remove soft plaque and tartar. The soft rope of cat kicker toys is gentle enough for gums,the kitty teeth cleaning toys won’t cause irritation even from cat’s excessive biting.
【Correcting Chew Habit Cat Toy】The catnip for cats which supply dual-purpose on cat’s chewing and instinctual need to scratch and bite.The durable texture provides a constructive and enjoyable way for your cats to channel their natural instincts. Say goodbye to the frustration of home damage and frayed cables.
【Regulate Mood Kitty Toys】During play, the sound made by the bell ball,will ignite your cat’s curiosity and natural hunting instincts, the interactive cat toys for indoor cats will provide continuous stimulation and endless amusement for your cats. Additionally, the silvervine sticks for cats & catnip ball feature adds an extra touch of excitement,more beneficial for your cat’s overall well-being.