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  • Natural Material: The round beads are made of mint. The plant ingredients promote absorption, bring abundant vitamins and help absorb the stomach. This cat licking toy allows your pet to safely play with this cat nippe. The Cat Nip Ball is extracted from pure natural cat nip perfect for cat entertainment, giving you fun playtime
  • 【Easy to Install】The cat nip ball has strong adhesive on the back, easy to install on any smooth surface, perfect for glass door, window, wall, tile etc
  • Rotating Design: The adhesive bottom design allows you to play with your cat anywhere. Each edible ball is not fixed and can be rotated up and down. Comes with clear cover. When not in use, the cover will prevent dust from falling out, keep the cat nip ball clean and can be used next time your cat is pinching
  • 【Location】The cat nip ball has adhesive on the bottom, you can stick it firmly to anywhere such as walls, chair feet, floors, and then prevent loss
  • Note: Cats may get too excited if they touch the cat nip for the first time, but this is normal. Cat nip toys have found that kittens under 3 months may not be interested in Catnip Wall Balls. Of course, it is not necessarily there. Store in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight