Cat Scratcher Cats Lounge Kitty Wear Resistant Cat Scratching Cardboard


  • Multifunction: L Shaped Scratcher Not Only As Cats Wall Scratcher, But Laso As Cats Lounge/Bed, Both For Vertical And Horizontal Using.
  • Creative Design: Vertical Standing Cat Scratcher With Large Scratching Surface And Vertical Stretch, Allows Cats To Exercise And Care For Their Spine.
  •  Thickened Material: Cat Scratcher Is Made Of High Density Corrugated Cardboard, Which Is Wear Resistant, Scratch Resistant And Durable. Detachable Design For Easy Grabbing.
  •  Furniture Protector: Cat Scratching Pad Meets The Needs Of Cats To Sharpen Their Claws, While Protecting Walls, Sofas, Carpets, Door Frames, Curtains And Other Furniture From Damage.