Cat Steam Brush for Shedding, 3 in 1 Self-Cleaning Silicone Steam Cat Brush for Indoor Cats Massage, Rechargeable Steamy Cat Grooming Hair Brush, Anti-Static & Flying Hair


  • 【Innovative Spray Function】: Compared to traditional cat grooming brushes, Freefa cat steam brush is designed with a unique spray function that can effectively avoid the generation of static electricity, the phenomenon of flying hair, and can simply and quickly clean the dust on the surface of the pet’s hair. Please NOTE that our steam brush for indoor cats simply turns water into mist; it does not heat the water to produce vapor.
  • 【Multi-functional, More Comfortable】: Freefa cat brush with steam combines hair removal, steam cleaning, pet massage to minimize tangled and knotted hair, helping you easily solve a variety of worries. The water tank can not only add water but also add deodorant or hair softener for grooming. In the use of the process, the spray can be turned on first, 3 ~ 5 seconds after the closure, to avoid the use of the spray function for too long resulting in hair being too wet.
  • 【Safe and Skin-friendly Pet Brush】: The pet shedding cat brush is made of high quality and durable ABC material, while its teeth are designed with soft and flexible rounded silicone, which ensures that your pet’s delicate skin is not damaged during the grooming process. It provides a comfortable, stress-free experience for your furry friend, and you’ll never have to worry about scratching or irritation again.
  • 【New Exterior Design】: The steamy cat brush has a diamond-shaped, ergonomically shaped design plus non-slip lines for a more comfortable grip. The steam pet brush panel is easy to disassemble, so simply clean the rubber bristles with flowing water. Experience the next level of cat care with our steamer brush!
  • 【Small in Size, but Big in Purpose】: Freefa self clean pet brush is specially designed for pets, suitable for all long-haired or short-haired cats and other pets. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable, making it ideal for both home use and travel. On top of that, our spray cat brush comes with a small water bottle to add water or other liquids to the brush’s water tank in accurately.