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Oral Health Boost: Our catnip balls refresh your pet’s mouth and promote healthier oral environment. Added catnip and natural ingredients trigger playful behavior and fresh breath for hours of entertainment.

Keep Entertained: This set of catnip balls can keep your pet engaged for hours by enticing their attention and improving their playing endurance. The adorable grape-shaped design adds a unique and playful twist to the toy.

Teeth Refreshment: Get ready for fresher pet kisses with our catnip balls promoting teeth polishing and refreshment. Made with reliable and sturdy materials, these balls offer effective teeth cleaning and prevent calculus buildup and bad breath.

Helps Relaxation: Catnip balls for cats are a natural way to make your pets more relaxed and happy. They can relieve the bad mood of your pets and stimulate their playful instincts.

Digestive Aid: Reduce hairball buildup in your feline friend with our catnip balls. These balls help eliminate hairballs by stimulating pheromones, promoting natural digestion, and ensuring a healthy digestive tract.