Chicken Shape Dog Chew Toys, Tough Squeaky Dog Grinding Teeth Toys


  • 【Safe Material】This puppy chew toy is made of safe material, and tasteless, and will not cause any impact on your pets health. It is made of soft rubber material, which is comfortable to touch, not easy to wear, and puppy chew toy can be used for a -time.
  • 【Chewing Training】This puppy chewing toy can help pets with chewing training, so that their teeth can be exercised and cleaned. When pets are bored or anxious, chew puppy chew toy to provide relief.
  • 【Puppy Chew Toy】The surface of this puppy chew toy is full of small particles, which can help pets clean their mouth and teeth. puppy chew toy is designed to allow pets to clean the surfaces of their teeth and gums as they chew.
  • 【Strong Durability】This puppy chew toy is made of high-strength material. Even if pets bite for a time, puppy chew toy will not break easily and can be used for a time.