Collapsible Dog Water Bowl – Portable Travel Bowl for Dogs and Cats – Carry Pet Food – Collapsible Pet Water and Food Bowl


  • Healthy Food Storage: This food bowl is designed with safe materials, ensuring that your pets can also get fresh and healthy food while outdoors, meeting their energy needs.
  • Moderate Capacity: The outdoor pet food storage bowl has an appropriate capacity, suitable for pets of all sizes, whether it’s dogs, cats, or other small animals.
  • Portable Carrying: The lightweight design makes the outdoor pet food storage bowl easy to carry, allowing you to effortlessly pack it into a backpack or attach it to a belt, giving you and your pet the freedom to move around.
  • Leak-proof Design: It has a powerful sealing performance to prevent food leakage, avoiding waste and trouble.
  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to disassemble and clean, convenient for hygiene, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your pet’s food.