Dog Enrichment Toys, Dog Puzzle Toys, Interactive Dog Toys, Dog Birthday Cake Toys for Boredom and Stimulating, Slow Feeding Plush Crinkle Dog Gift for Small and Medium Dogs


  • Treat-filled Fun: Keep your furry friend engaged for hours with the CHEWFFON Dog Puzzle Toy. Featuring a delectable fresh cream and strawberry design on top of a roll cake, with an inner layer of 10 treat pockets, this puzzle toy is perfect for hide-and-seek playtime.
  • Crinkle-and-Sniffing Joy: Encourage your dog’s natural foraging instincts with the crinkly top layer and interactive snuffle game of the CHEWFFON Dog Puzzle Toy. Not only will your pup love foraging for treats, but also be entertained by the crinkly sound.
  • Customized Challenge Level: Adjust the difficulty level of the snack-hunting game with the different pocket areas, a mentally stimulating activity that will keep your dog engaged and satisfied.
  • Durable and Soft: Made with quality neoprene and comfortable fleece lining, the CHEWFFON Dog Puzzle Toy is bite-resistant and textured, making it perfect for rough playtime and endless entertainment.