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【Difficulty Adjustable Dog Puzzle】 the difficulty can be adjusted by placing food in different compartments, very suitable for beginners and smart dogs. So you don’t need to worry that your dog will not get used to this dog enrichment toy, this dog puzzle toy will be a great solution to keep your dog excited and satisfied.

【Slow Down Eating】The dog puzzle adopts a multi-layer tornado design, which can increase the difficulty of eating. Effectively prolong the eating time when your dog is eating, to ensure your dog has more time to digest and keep healthy. Dog treat puzzles can train your dog’s good eating habits to avoid choking, vomiting, indigestion, and bloating problems.

【IQ Training】 The dog interactive puzzle can keep your dog’s spirits active when your dog uses their claws and nose to find out the hidden treat. This dog puzzle toy lets your dog explore on his own terms, activates healthy natural hunting instincts and senses, and exercises your dog’s mind while reducing boredom and destructiveness.

【Play Safe】No toy is indestructible. This dog puzzle toy is only suitable for pet entertainment and skill training. Do not use on pets when unattended. If damaged, please replace and remove it in time to avoid pets eating by mistake.