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  • 【Innovative Combination Slow Feeding Design】The product consists of a licking bowl and a treat dispenser, with a wide range of functions. You can spread wet food such as peanut butter on the raised design on the bowl to enhance your pet’s licking ability. The treat dispenser is installed in the middle of the licking bowl, and the food is leaked through the constant touch of the pet, which not only allows the pet to play happily, but also meets the pet’s need for slow eating.
  • 【Why Choose Us?】The bottom of the licking bowl is composed of multiple small suction cups, which can be firmly fixed on the floor to avoid being bitten to other places. The licking bowl and treat dispenser are held together by a negative pressure design so pets cannot separate easily. There are 4 holes at the bottom of the treat dispenser, and the size and leakage speed of the food can be changed according to the owner’s wishes.
  • 【Food-Grade Silicone Material】Made of food-grade silicone, safe and environmentally friendly, not easy to break. The soft silicone material can effectively prevent pet teeth from being worn and will not break into sharp plastic fragments to harm pets.High temperature resistance, easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring the safety and hygiene of pet food.
  • 【Convenient & Multifunctional】The top of the treat dispenser has a unique opening design, which makes it easy to add food while ensuring beautiful appearance. When the two are combined, it allows pets to eat in a fixed place, avoiding staining the floor or spilling food into the corners of the room like other feeders. The 2 parts of the product can also be used independently and are suitable for various situations.
  • 【Easy to Clean and Carry】The product is soft and removable, and can also be placed directly in the dishwasher. It can be folded and put into the corner during outdoor activities and travel, so it does not take up space.