Dog Sport Ball Launcher, Dog Toy Ball with Rope, Training Toss and Throw Toy Ball Owner and Pet Interaction Ring Telescopic Drawstring Tooth Cleaning Dog Ball for Aggressive Chewers

  • 【Safe Material】This toy is made of environmentally-friendly and healthy TPR+ABS, which is durable and will not be damaged by dogs. The whole sphere is a hard molaron, which  is not easy to wear, let the dog play more times. It is recommended to play for 20-30 minutes each time to make the dog’s body healthier.
  • 【Automaticly stretchable throwing ball】Built-in stretchable drawstring for throwing ball, it can cover in the owner’s middle finger  by the round soft buckle at the other end of the drawstring , then the ball can be thrown far away with the help of inertia after rotation, which brings more fun to the owner and pets.
  • 【Pet yo-yo Ball】Put the round buckle on your fingers, and throw the pet ball freely with gentle force on your wrist. The pet ball will rebound under the action of the built-in retractable rope structure. Repeat this process in this way to interact and play with the dog, increase the interest of the product, and enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.
  • 【Clean Teeth】Dog ball can be a play toy, also can be a tooth cleaning ball. Perfect for Soft Chewers. Help Clean Teeth and Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build-Up. You can also apply pet-specific toothpaste or attractant on the molar surface to make the cleaning more obvious.
  • 【Pumpkin appearance】The bright colored and Unique shape Air Strike Thrower is easily trackable for both you and your pet, no matter where or how far you toss it.


Material: TPR+ABS
Size: 6.8*6.8*6.9cm
Color: As the picture