Electric Dog Foam Soap Dispenser


【Powerful Foam Production】By adding the proper amount of detergent and water, this dispenser can produce a large amount of foam, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleaning experience for your pets and home.

【Safe and User-Friendly】The dispenser features a magnetic suction charging port and an indicator light on the top, making it safe and easy to use. The foam can reach a maximum distance of one meter, ensuring a mess-free application.

【Pet-Friendly Design】The dispenser is designed to cater to the needs of pets, with a gentle and effective foam that ensures a pleasant bathing experience, while also being suitable for various cleaning tasks.

【Versatile Usage】This IPX7 waterproof dispenser is suitable for bathing dogs, cats, and other small pets, and can also be used for cleaning floors, kitchens, and walls.

Instructions for use:

When using the product for the first time, charge the product first. The product indicator light will turn red during charging. It will turn into other colors of light after the product is fully charged.

  1. Dilute the shower gel and water in a ratio of 1:6. You can directly follow the scale on the bottle. (If it is a water-based shower gel, no need to dilute it)
  2. Screw the machine head into the bottle containing the shower gel.
  3. Please shake the shower gel well before use. The foaming effect will be better.
  4. When using, hold the handle with your hand. , press the switch button to spray