Multifunctional Dog Nail File Board Scratch Pad Dog Nail Grinder Alteractive, Interactive Dog Food Dispenser Plate Toy, Dog Training Plate Bowl


  • Nail File Toy: Scratching pad on top of this plaything is an ideal solution for shaping your dog’s nails while providing him with entertainment and engagement. Enjoyable and effortless care for your dog’s claws! A superb gift for pet owners and their furry companions, like both you and your dog.
  • Autonomous/Simple: This toy for dog nail maintenance simplifies the process with a “set it and forget it” approach. Following some enjoyable training sessions, fill the toy with treats, and let your dog happily engage with it.
  • Puzzle Feeder: Activates the dog’s cognitive functions and decelerates his eating pace, promoting better digestion. It combines a puzzle feeder and a nail filer for dogs into a single innovative product!
  • Stress Free and No Pain: Bid farewell to the agony of excessive trimming or the discomfort of grinding. Your dog will cease scratching the nail filer once he senses that his nails are adequately short. A stress-free and painless solution for your canine companion.