Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Pillar Chicken Wear-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant Cat Activity Tree Pet Supply for Cat


  • This Chick Cat Scratcher, is a delightful and modern piece of cat furniture that will make your furry friend purr with joy! This unique cat scratching post features two adorable wings, giving it an eye-catching and whimsical design that will perfectly complement your home decor.
  • Crafted with a sturdy base and covered in high-quality sisal fabric, this Chick Cat Scratcher is designed for long-lasting scratching pleasure. The sisal material, known for its resilience and rough texture, provides a satisfying surface for cats to claw, helping to keep their nails healthy while deterring them from scratching furniture. The upright design of the scratcher is especially appealing to felines, mimicking the natural position they adopt when scratching — standing on their hind legs, just as the cat in the image is enjoying its use.
  • This cat tree alternative is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and find the perfect spot in your home. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or even your office, the Chick Cat Scratcher will become your cat’s go-to spot for play and relaxation.