New cat claw-shaped corrugated paper cat scratching board with cat-catching stick and mouse-killing function


(1) Cat claw board made of high-strength and environmentally friendly corrugated paper. Cats’ sharp little claw nails will be ground flat on the high-strength corrugated paper surface, slowing down their growth. The cat paw board made of high-strength corrugated paper is just right for cats to rub off their nails during relaxed play and grow healthily.
(2) Use pure environmentally friendly materials to make cat toys. High-strength corrugated paper is strong, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Cats can’t stop playing in paper toys, and they can also develop various survival skills.
(3) In addition to being playful and active, cats also love to sleep. In addition to eating and playing, cats spend a lot of time sleeping. A paper cat nest with soft cushions is undoubtedly the cat’s favorite bed. After eating and playing, it can sleep comfortably and peacefully. After waking up, it was full of energy and fun.