Packs of Catnip Molar Sticks, Indoor Interactive cat Chewing Toy cat Teeth Cleaning Relieve Boredom Toy Feather Funny cat Stick


☻ 【Clean Teeth】The cat stick can guide cats’ healthy chewing behavior, help cats grow permanent teeth, effectively eliminate plaque and tartar during chewing, effectively help remove bad breath, and protect oral health.
☻ 【Promote Digestion】The cat stick and catnip can both improve the cat’s digestive system and increase the cat’s appetite.
☻ 【Funny cat artifact】The sticks, catnip balls, and bells will make cats more interested. such as chewing, rubbing, licking, running, rolling, meowing, drooling.
☻ 【Relieve Stress】The cat stick can help cats relieve stress, improve lazy lying, promote movement, enhance the feelings of the owner, and alleviate furniture damage.