Pet Cotton Rope Toy pet bite Rope pet bite Resistance Training The Toy Dog Toy


  • Pet molar cotton rope toys: clean teeth/molar/colorful/training/interaction/bite resistance/relieving stuffy
  • 100% natural cotton: this premium dog leash toy is made of 100% natural white cotton, durable drawstring, suitable for playing with your best friend.
  • Throwing, dragging and leaking: a fun way to clean dog teeth! Cotton dog leash fiber floss during chewing and playing, so daily pull helps maintain puppy’s oral health!
  • This dog chew toy is very suitable for cleaning dog teeth, naturally supporting your dog’s oral health, and the fibers in the pull will clean the teeth when the dog chews and plays
  • Help reduce dog anxiety and prevent them from chewing furniture and personal belongings: Dogs can chew on these dog toys for hours! They focus on biting tough toys, which will reduce anxiety! When dogs own this toy, they won’t chew on shoes!