Scratching Pads Cat Scratching Lounge Sofa Bed


Material: The Turntable Cat Scratch Pad Is Made Of Corrugated Paper, Which Is Environmentally Friendly, Wear Resistant, Scratch Resistant And Safe For Your Cat.

Protect Your Space: The Scratching Board Provides A Cat Scratching Outlet For Stress Relief And Exercise. Save Your Furniture And Rugs From Their Claw Grinding Activities.

Attract Your Cat Attention: Cat Scratch Boards Attract Your Cat To Play, Protect Your Furniture From Scratches, Satisfy Your Cat Natural Scratching Instinct, And Increase Your Cat Movement And Fun.

Large Space for Play: Our Cat Scratch Pad Toy has a large diameter board surface that allows cats to sharpen their paws, sleep, and play with the toy ball. This satisfies their scratching instinct and helps relieve stress through increased motor activity.