Space Capsule Pet Shaking Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Toys Tumbler Dog Food Container

1.Slow feeder dog bowls: The tower-shaped inclined design reduces the speed of eating, corresponding to a slow feeder. To change the dog’s bad habit of eating fast, dog slow feeder bowl will increase feeding time and significantly reduce food intake to avoid indigestion, vomiting and flatulence, and develop healthy eating habits.
2.Antiskid Function: The bottom and raised design can effectively prevent slipping, rollover and food overflow during eating. The round design can make the dog eat happily at any angle.
3.Not alone: ​​If we are not at home, according to statistics, dogs can endure loneliness for about 7-12 hours. Too lonely makes it easy to get sick. Our funny dog ​​feeder will accompany your dog.


Material: PC+PP+ABS
Size: 14*19*19CM
Color: blue,green,yellow
Packaging: 1pc/ color box
Carton size: 57*57*48CM/24pcs
GW/NW: 15.4/14.4KGS