Rotatable Interactive Cat Scratcher Toy, Cat Catching Treadmill Ball Cat Grinding Claw Sisal Rope Ball, Kitten Interactive Toy Roller with Ball Track for Chasing Hunting Fun


  • Relieve Boredom: Cat scratcher turntable toys help relieve cat anxiety and boredom, allowing cats to play to their heart’s content. It will not tip over when playing with the cat. The cat can easily and safely jump off or off the scratching post. Strong enough for your pet to play.
  • No Flakes: Cat scratcher turntable toys are do not flake, keeping the floor clean and allowing cats to play with abandon.
  • Premium Material: Cat scratcher toy mainly adopts high density board material, high hardness, safety, non toxic, bite resistant. Cats like to scratch materials like sisal.
  • Innovative Appearance: Cat scratching toy has the appearance of innovative planet turntable, interesting and cute, attracting pets to play.
  • Protect Your Furniture: Grinding claws is the instincts of cats. Cat scratcher toys can divert their attention. Put in the living room, bedroom and other places cats love to go, can prevent sofa and other furniture from being scratched by cats.