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  • Felt Cat basket

    Fashionable And Simple Felt Cat Litter Removable Inner Pad Large Pet Litter Four Seasons Universal Felt Woven Cat Bed Cat House

  • Space Capsule Pet Shaking Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Toys Tumbler Dog Food Container

    1.Slow feeder dog bowls: The tower-shaped inclined design reduces the speed of eating, corresponding to a slow feeder. To change the dog’s bad habit of eating fast, dog slow feeder bowl will increase feeding time and significantly reduce food intake to avoid indigestion, vomiting and flatulence, and develop healthy eating habits.
    2.Antiskid Function: The bottom and raised design can effectively prevent slipping, rollover and food overflow during eating. The round design can make the dog eat happily at any angle.
    3.Not alone: ​​If we are not at home, according to statistics, dogs can endure loneliness for about 7-12 hours. Too lonely makes it easy to get sick. Our funny dog ​​feeder will accompany your dog.

  • 2in1 Cat Multifunctional Food Basin Bowls Toy Tower Tracks Disc Ball Training Plate

    1.Load food, the cat will not get tired of playing, the cat uses its paws to take food in the cave, simulating the behavior of digging and preying
    2.Eat and play, cats can play for a whole day, an auxiliary tool to help cats’ intellectual growth
    3.There is a non-slip, silicone bottom cushion on the bottom to prevent the food bowl from sliding
    4.Small and fresh color matching, in line with the current aesthetics, which color is suitable for matching, pets like

  • Cat Scratcher Tree Cat House Multi-layer Toys With Hammock Pet Cat House

    • Roomy playing tower for cats: This cat tree provides a great space for cat’s jumping, running and scratching. Moreover the single condo makes sure that your cat have a good resting place and have a sweet dream.
    • Sturby and secure: Never need to worry about the security and the firmness of this cat tree. High quality materials and super solid construction, well balanced design, strong base, cats can easily and safely leap on or off this cat tree without worries about wobbling or toppling over.
    • Multifunctional cat scratching post: As a large, activity and playing centre totally meet the jumping and scratching nature of your little tiger.
    • All mats are attached on the board with velcros so they’ll not move when cats play or rest. Easy to detach for cleaning and washing. The soft top perch is also removable.
    • Easy to install: With a clear installation for instruction and the attached accessories you will have no problem installing the scratching post.
  • Pet Cat Tree House Entertainment Scratching for Cats Kitten Multi-Level Tower for Cat

    1.Sturdy Structure—maximum protection of pet safety

    2.Multi-layer Design—suitable for one or more cats

    3.Detachable Natural Sisal Scratching post—Perfect for conditioning claws,and offer more choice

    4.With Ball Toy—more interesting for cat

    5.Detachable Mat Design—magic tape design,easy to remove and clean

    6.Multi-functional—it can be used as cat nest,scratching post,jumping and climbing frame,and cat toys

  • Interactive Balance Swing Car Toy With Catnip Ball

    Premium material. This catnip cat swing toy is made of eco-friendly ABS, strong, wear-resistant, and durable. It would not be spoiled by cats.

    Balance car design. The bottom of the pet cat toy is designed with weight, so it will not fall. Self rolling forth and back by force of cat and own gravity, wand chaser is 180° self-swinging & 360° self-spinning, specially designed to fulfill your cat playing instinct. Good ideas to make your cats kittens active, happy and healthy.

    Multiple ways to play. When this cat toy is erected, it can swing back and forth to attract cat to play. When this kitty toy is placed horizontally, it can rotate like a turntable, attracting cats’ interest in playing.

    High attraction. There is one catnip ball in this balance tumbler car cat chasing toy. It also has two type of heads that can be switched to so it doesn’t always have to be the same(one ball and one feather).

    No battery & Easy to use. No need battery to power this kitten cat educational toy. No fussy installation, ready to use.

  • Collapsible Pet Silicone Double Bowls

    ★CONVENIENT TO CRAAY : The silicone pet pot can be convenient to carry,durable and waterproof .
    Non-Slip collapsible dog bowl set great for pet travel bowl to your backpack, dog travel crate or collapse flat for your pocket, stroller,you can take the dog out for traveling,camping or hiking without fear of feeding.
    ★EASY TO CLEAN: The smooth mat and removable bowls are really easy to clean.

  • Round Cat Bed Super Soft Long Plush Dog Kennel Mat Puppy Round Cushion Portable Cats Winter Warm Bed

    Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
    Comfortable touch, 3 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
    Pure color with cute design, it is a nice looking bed.
    Portable and lightweight.
    Easy to clean and wash.
    Non-toxic material with no smell, pets will easily adjust to it.

  • Pets Cat Interactive LED Smart Electric Cat Toy Magic Roller Ball USB Interactive Ball

    Environmentally friendly and resistant to falling: ABS environmentally friendly plastic, wear-resistant and fall-resistant, anti-grab and bite-resistant, environmentally safe.
    USB rechargeable: The new motor is more powerful, charging for 2 hours, working 3-4 hours, 15 minutes power-off protection function, keeping the cat fresh, built-in LED flash, attracting cat attention.
    Dodging obstacle design: built-in centrifugal rolling device, will automatically turn when encountering obstacles.
    Built-in LED flash, attracting pets with the rotation of the sphere, inspiring love initiative.
    Automatic operation, let love pets put it down.

  • Folding Reusable Pet Training Pad

    1.Non-slip bottom layer keeps the pad in place
    2.Better for the environment than disposables
    3.Can be machine washable
    4.Quilted construction ensures many times washing and maintains its shape

  • Dog Training Waist Bag Treat Snack Bait Dogs Obedience Agility Outdoor Feed Storage Pouch

    . Safe and Healthy: this product is made of the food grade memory silicone, it is non-toxic and harmless.
    2. Durable and High-quality: with corrosion resistance and elasticity, it has a long service life.
    3. Easy to Use: there is a magnet the semi-closed opening, which is easy to put in and take out, and it will close automatically after feeding.
    4. Lightweight and Portable: with a clip, you can carry it in hand and attach it to your belt, trousers or package for easy training or walking outside.
    5. Easy to clean: large opening, it can easily clean the inside of pet bag to keep clean and avoid germs.
    Package Include:

  • Interactive Dog Toys Pet Football Toys with Grappling Hook Dog Outdoor Training Football Pet Chew Ball Puzzle Dog Accessories

    Durable & Soft: Complying with the exact same safety standard as children’s toys, the dog ball is made of premium PU that is the matiral of standard soccer ball so that it can be kicked and bounces as well. The dog football is durable yet soft on dogs’ teeth, jaws, and mouth. It is also easy to clean, unlike many plush dog toys that harbor bacteria over time.

    Upgrade Interactive Dog Toy: Dog soccer ball with nylon tabs sewn evenly into the seams not only create an erratic bounce that dogs love to chase, but also make it easier for the dogs to fetch, toss, tug and retrieve. Dog paws are printed evenly on the dog toys ball to attract dogs attention. There’s a longer strap for people to hold onto the ball, making it a great interactive dog toy to train your dogs.

    Ultra Bouncing Ball for Water Play: Adopted the lightweight, buoyant design, soccer ball for dogs can be played in the pool, lake and beach as well. The grab tabs dog soccer ball is meant to keep your dog entertained, active and help human beings and dogs stay engaged.